DAY 5 Saturday January 25, 2014    

                                                      THE HAND 
      I dreamed I was with my mother Barbara and a cousin Courtney. My cousin
asked me, “Will you give us pedicures?” I said, “Sure! That will be fun.” I thought to
myself that it will be fun for us girls to have girlie treatments and spend time together.
My mother then said, “Nikki, I need you to pull these nails out of my hands. They are
getting so bad I can hardly move my hands.” I replied, “Ok.” I looked at my mother’s
hands; they were full of slender silver hammering nails. The type of nails, you would
use to build things. The sharp tips stuck out like splinters. I began to pull the nails
out, starting with the round head of the nails. The nails were long and sharp. I told
her, “Brace yourself; this one is going to be painful.” I collected at least 30 nails from
each hand, but the anticipated pain did not seem to affect my mother so much. The
way she spoke about the need of them being removed “again” made me know the
nails in her hands were a reoccurring thing. It was inevitable, within a matter of time
the nails would reappear and become so annoying, they would need to be removed
Thus sayeth The Spirit of GOD, “The hand represents The Body of Christ. The
nails represent the afflictions of the righteous are many but The Lord delivers them 
all. Your deliverance is based on the amount of nails you can bear. My Son bear two
in his hands and he was delivered into the priesthood. Your nails are smaller but
many, as your afflictions are smaller. I am GOD and I can handle many. I know you
are able to bear this cup. Jehovah Jireh Your Provider.”

DAY 2  Wednesday  January 22, 2014
I dreamt My Uncle Richard asked me to watch his horse while he was away for a
couple days. My uncle is a lover or horses. We would often visit his farm in Covert,
Michigan as children. His farm had chickens, pigs and plenty of horses. A great
escape for a city girl as myself. I dreamt I rode the horse and when we returned to
the stable the horse drank his water in a lying position. A horse doesn’t usually lie
down. I thought the horse didn’t look well. He was sick. In my dream I was headed in
the car to see my Uncle . An unknown woman was driving the car. I was on the cell
phone speaking to him and telling him about his horse. As I was talking, this woman
was driving and talking. I mean she just chattered. She would go up in pitch and 
down in her pitch. She reminded me of blah!.....blah!..... blah!..... blah!  In an irritating
way and she was distracting me from my conversation with my Uncle Richard. I
exhaled! “Will You Please Be Quiet! I am trying to talk to my Uncle about his horse!”  
      Instantly she missed the curve. The car was supposed to make the bend. We
missed the bend. We were headed directly into the lake. The lake reminded me of
the small side lakes by a viaduct, small enough to conqueror if you are an excellent
swimmer, but large enough to drown if the Lord doesn’t rescue you. At that moment
my spiritual man could sense, she jerked the wheel into the direction of the lake.
She did it on purpose! My physical being said to my Uncle on the phone, “She has
driven us into the lake, Oh Jesus!” I opened the door swiftly. I looked in the back
seat while thinking to myself, “Ok I can make this. The lake is not that bad. I can
swim.” In the back seat I saw my 4 year old daughter Kennedy. She had come along
for the ride. She instantly started unbuckling her seat belt as I told her “Kennedy
come to mommy we are going into the lake but mommy is going to save you”, she
kept saying, “No! No! I’m scared.” ”Kennedy listen to me!” I demanded. Come to the
front with mommy as I had one hand on the door and the other grabbing for my baby.
I could feel the woman’s thoughts as she said, “Oh, I’m going make it.” 
As I awoke the Lord said, “This dream has a meaning”, and I thought, “Why how
could a nightmare like that have a meaning?” The Holy Spirit said, “Let’s go over it.
“Ok Lord” I replied, “Who was in the car with you?” The Holy Spirit asked, I replied,
“A woman.” The Holy Spirit Replied, “Yes that was The Spirit of Distraction.” I
instantly got the revelation in my soul and I thought to myself, “Yes, she was
distracting me from the  conversation by going on and on.  She knew I was
preoccupied with a telephone conversation. The Lord replied, “She took you off
course, and whenever The Spirit of Distraction takes you off course, it places you
right in the middle of harms danger.” I also knew and recognized the moment I
acknowledged her she retaliated with taking the car into the water. The “Spirit of
Retaliation” was the main Pig in the Parlor. This is why it is imperative to counteract
the spirit of retaliation with a prayer of covering for ourselves, children and loved
ones. The enemy can attack our anointing through the doors we leave open and

I thought to myself, “Why was The Woman: The Spirit of Distraction driving? Why
did she have the wheel in the first place? Never give the foul Spirit of Distraction the
wheel. We can prevent this by being obedient to the voice of God. 
The day prior to this dream, I received and invitation to Minister in Abuja, Nigeria
Africa. I was considering the invitation until a trusted adviser told me of how the
violence is rampant there with militia. The enemy will try and distract you with God’s
own will. God spoke to me clearly in the night of Wednesday January 22, 2014. He
said, “I am going to give you 30days of Dreams and Vision. Proclaim my words.”