Possible Volcanic Eruption On The Horizon In Europe

ERUPTION WARNING: North Korean supervolcano could blow and cause WORLDWIDE devastation


Diana Black Attended the Healing Crusade and received healing in her ear. Diane was partly deaf in her right ear. God restored Diane's ear to 100% hearing in our service. 

Monica Sonnier-Barrow received healed from disk problems.


Gaila Thomas experienced foot pain for three years foot pain is gone. Gail was healed from back pain. 

Hello Women of God 

"I was letting my Husband listening to your message and gave us confirmation, we are just now getting the paperwork started on our ministry. How you spoke about a cold that is what he have, how you was speaking on land on London Ave. and he keep saying we were moving but i was praying for were to go and you stated and so i look it up and it in the city that he want to live in when i shown it too him awhile back. Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. thank you for the conformation what we needed to here for today. Thank your so much for being the women that you are called to be."  

Charleen M. Davis , Kevin L Davis Sr. 

"Hello Thank you for that word everything you said about me was true. That was true confirmation that i don't need to stress over things. Let go and let God."  

Reneshia Osby

"Woman Of God  I just want you to know that what you said about my mother was said about two months ago by a young lady that didn't even know her, I've thought I had gotten over her death she passed in 92 but I guess in my subconscious I must still be grieving for her and not known it I keep asking God why does it feel like I'm at a stand still, thank you for allowing God to use you, how do I move on, could it be because I have her ashes they were to have been spread in California by my eldest son but it didn't happen, long story but I ended up with them, I am going to seek God, I know that she's not in the ashes and that it's just something that is a custom in families." 

Cheryl AnointedbyGod Fordham

"Hi Allyssa. I just finished watching your live broadcast. I didn't want to break the prophetic flow, so I kept my comments to a minimum. However, I want you to know how much your speaking today blessed me. I am 56 years old. I have been saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit for almost 31 years. You spoke into so many different areas of my life. I have been having pain in my hip that had almost stopped me from going out of the house much. I am not on a cane, but I know it could have reached that point. You said I need a job. That is true. It is also true that the worsening pain was making it harder and harder for me to have hope that I would ever be able to work again. I have been gaining weight for the past three years. I worked as a teacher assistant in special education. The word you spoke over me today came as a lifesaver!" 


Susan Davis Stevens

"Hi Prophetess you prophesied over me today and  the things you said was so true my mom had me at 18 but every time I go into to a job I feel rejected and from my family members but I couldn't understand why and god reveal it to me today but I feel so hurt how my mom rejected I don't know why she is deceased now so that why I question it  but I thank you so much   For allowing  God to use you your truly sent from God I never knew this until today wow." 

Terria Howard

"Prophetess You prophesied to me on yesterday, and called my name out!!! You said God is releasing my financial angel!!! I just wanted you to know I got some money on yesterday!!! The word came to pass!!! You know a true prophet when what they speak comes to pass!!! You are a true prophet!!! To God be the glory in Jesus mighty name, Amen!!! Blessings" 



Judith Rejouis

"When Prophetess Allyssa prayed for my children my daughter no longer had a struggle in school with her academicse. She made a complete turn around!"

"Hello Prophetess, thank you for your message on today,
I woke up and I wanted to go back to sleep and the Lord said, Get up. Get up for what I said, He said To get on Facebook. I thought for something else, But then I saw you start your stream, to which I said, Oh its 9 am, I see Lord.
To keep it short, I felt you speak life intr my spirit. I'm struggling to stay in Faith, As I constantly begin to doubt because I'm used to thinking negatively all my life, So I am struggling remaining calm, But right after I heard your message, I went to sleep and I woke up feeling refreshed, Like I haven't felt in ages, Like I actually felt good when I awoke. Rested. I'm believing the Lord for that job.
And trying to stay calm. Thank you very much for your message

Maryjane Nwagbara: "I am Maey Jane!!! Everything you just declared is true. I lost a son. I thought about him today. There is a deliverance ministry upon my life. Yesss. I will believe God in Jesus name. And Yes the man in my house is looking to use me for the purpose of gain. And yes WOG (Allyssa) others have used me too. All I want to do is God’s will. You have been a blessing to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. "